We have achieved Google Search first page ranking!!!!

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Featured articles

After a long time of starting our journey, we completely achieved the phase 1 of this website after a hard work of long 6 months, containing at least 1000 questions and their answers and explanations from the whole 1st professional MBBS syllabus.

Now its time to move on. So, within a few days, we are about to start the phase 2 of our website, which will cover the whole of the 2nd professional MBBS syllabus. And we are willing that now this phase will separately have over 1500 questions and answers will be also be given in a colorful and simple way, you know what is the trademark of our project. In time of making and launching our phase 1 we had got a massive response from our college. It was not a little thing to have the love of all our college friends and juniors. But now we also want to increase the number of active watchers and users of this website.So, we are going to make an interactive group in Facebook. There will be interactive learning sessions for enhancing our knowledge and yes, also the tricky questions and their answers, which will help you a lot more in your way to success in PG examinations.

And in the meantime, we also want to announce happily that we have been placed in the first page of Google search. When you search for “AIIMS PG PAPERS DOWNLOAD”, you will find us on the first page.

Thanks everyone for achieving this great success. Thank u very much for being with us always.

Wish your success in everyday life…….


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