Parasitology Notes: Part 2: Protozoa causing major health problems in India

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Featured articles
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Today we are publishing some really needy stuff for all of the Medical students, not only for a good preparation of their Board Examinations, but also a for a deeper insight in the world of Medical Parasitology.

Here we are giving full description of 3 of the most notorious protozoa causing dangerous diseases in India and Indian subcontinent.They are:

  1. Plasmodium
  2. Leishmania
  3. Entamoeba.

This contains morphology, life cycle, diseases caused by the 3 protozoa, clinical features of the diseases, major complications and treatment.
We have taken help from some of the best Parasitology Textbooks of Indian and Foreign authors to create these documents.

We think you will like the style by which we have prepared the notes. If you like the documents, please feel free to give a comment.

And for our Facebook users, please visit and our link and directly download the files and comment on how the documents were.

Thank you all. See you soon.

1. Click here to download the document on Entamoeba.

2. Click here to download the document on Malaria.

3. Click here to download the document on Leishmania.

All of these documents are property of Pgblaster India, not for any type of illegal activities as per stated in the Creative Commons Licence relevant with this website.


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