A preliminary note on forensic medicine

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Featured articles
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This is a preliminary note on forensic medicine especially for students of 2nd prof MBBS starting their year. This note contains discussion about 3 preliminary topics of forensic medicine:

1. Legal procedure

2. Medical law and ethics and,

3. Identification.

Here it should be told that the portion on the identification does not contain description about age determination as the age obtained from the bones and skeleton is different in various parts of the country and there different charts are followed. Beside it, all the important topics have been covered in these notes.

It should be noted that the documents at this site have been created by the help of different renowned textbooks of medical profession and that for any error in their information, Pgblaster India can’t be hold responsible.

Thank you. Enjoy downloading and reading. For any suggestion or error, please contact with us.



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