World AIDS Day, 2012

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Featured articles
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Today is 1st of December, 2012, the World AIDS day. It was a good symbol when NACO status reports in 2009 showed that the number of registered HIV cases dropped from estimated 5 millions to a dramatic 2.39 millions and the number of patients admitted every year to the hospitals of India due to HIV infection dropped to 12000 from a drastic figure of 24000.


All these reports clearly showed that the prevalence of HIV in India is decreasing gradually every year. The credits surely go to the intensive efforts of the Government and NGOs to effectively rise an alertness among people, both of high and low-end. The efforts have become succeeded to reach millions of people at risk of HIV. These efforts varied from short time roadside alertness campaigns to advertisement on television channels to aware people about the risk of HIV and AIDS, how simple measures can prevent their invasions, and if an accidental infection occurs, then what should be done were some of the main things to say.
At the meantime, we should not be over satisfied from our partial achievements but should devote ourselves to completely eradicate this terrace of human life from India and also from the world. As we have previously been succeeded to clear other viral diseases like pox and polio, we can also destroy the last HIV from this world, but we have to work together, hand in hand until we complete the goal to our dream of a HIV free world.


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