Glaucoma: A Note For Undergraduates

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Featured articles


Its my continuing verge to write more and more articles and presentations on hard/ important topics that students are often worried about. This presentation will cover the whole Glaucoma topic in a rapid fast manner and I am sure that it is one of the best and powerful presentations you will ever find in the total internet. I haven’t gone into much deeper details on various aspects of glaucoma in this presentation because it will be harder for the beginners to catch all of it in a first view. So, I haven’t discussed the details of perimetry and gonioscopy because all these are needed for the postgraduates only.

Hope you will enjoy the presentation. Keep checking the blog for upcoming ENT and Ophthalmology Instrument PDFs for your examination purpose.

Thank you. For any comments/ suggestions/ recommendations; please email me at

Glaucoma (Presentation Only)

Total RAR File containing Presentation and Videos


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