Local Anaesthesia In Ophthalmology

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Featured articles

This note from the factory of Pgblaster will give the undergraduate medical students a deep overview on various techniques of local anaesthesia used in everyday ophthalmology OT. Every step is demonstrated with clear pictures and where needed, with conceptual anatomic review of the structures essential for understanding of the local anesthesia giving procedure.


This note has covered a broad area of all the important aspects of this topic including:

1. Regional anatomy important for understanding of the topic,

2. Most preferred local anaesthetics in today’s ophthalmology OTs and their mechanism of action,

3. A detailed technical review about the all the techniques used in local anaesthesia in ophthalmology:

a. Peribulbar block,

b. Retrobulbar block,

c. Parabulbar/ sub tenon block,

d. Facial block (s): Van lint and O’ brien’s techniques,

e. Frontal block.

Hope this document will help the undergraduate medical students who are studying ophthalmology right now. Thanks in advance for downloading.



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