Acid Base Balance: A Quick Review For PGMEE

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Repeated Topics In PG Entrance
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5aaa7037c105e944b629104406b6a3f9In this document, we have summarized one of the most important and confusing part of biochemistry, the “Acid and Base balance”. I called it important because if you are a regular PG question paper solver, then you know how much MCQs come only from this portion. And I called it confusing because although it is very easy to read, understand and remember; in exam times it suddenly appears difficult and very much confusing.


For these reasons I tried to summarize it in only 4 pages. I know that this much is not enough for concept building or first time reading but I think this will help PG aspirants a lot and will reduce the burden of fear of so-called “ABI” very much. So please go through at once. If any addition/ correction of any of my notes you think is necessary, then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Mail me at, “”. See you soon.



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