Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS): An Introduction

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Featured articles
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At the very beginning, it should be stated that Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, shortly called as FESS has become the technique of choice in most of the operations in ENT OT, especially in surgeries of nose and paranasal sinuses. So, in this introduction note by Pgblaster, we have given stress upon the basic endoscopic anatomy of lateral nasal wall, more specifically calling, the “Osteomeatal complex” with highest priority.



We have also discussed the following important aspects of FESS:

  1. Indications of FESS,
  2. Steps of FESS,
  3. Pathologic basis of FESS,
  4. Basic endoscopic anatomy of osteomeatal complex,
  5. Importance of basal lamella as an important structure in the anatomy of lateral nasal wall,
  6. Types of anatomical variation in the insertion of uncinate process and their importance,
  7. Common and uncommon complications of FESS,
  8. Link to the best videos on the web describing various steps of FESS,
  9. Details about all the pre-operative and post-operative things you must know about FESS,
  10.  Minor precautions you should keep in mind in the time of surgery.

Hope this document will help PG aspirants because it is a brand new topic and frequent questions may be asked from this topic in upcoming years. Thank you.



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