Welcome to PGBLASTER, a project undertaken by the students of R.G.KAR MEDICAL COLLEGE for preparation of Post
graduate entrance examinations of India. We are proudly announcing that we have built the largest online database of previous years’ PG questions, answers and explanations in all India. The main achievement of us is that this is the first and largest website in India which will give the PG aspirants a totally free online database with rich contents.

It was a dream project for all of us. The main objective was to give a full set of questions and answers of mainly 2 PG examinations of India to all PG aspirants: the AIIMS PG and the AIPGMEE. We have finished making the database of last 12 years of these two examinations from 1st Professional MBBS questions. We will continue the journey step by step which will include the questions of the late professionals. It is a long journey and we hope we will continue taking you to the deepest layer of realization of medical sciences till the end of our journey. We have tried to give all the answers in to the point and as much as highly reliable sources. So, at the very beginning of the online version of our project PGBLASTER, we want like to thank all of the renowned authors of our medical stream. We are proud that all our explanations are from the famous authors of medical textbooks like:

  • Gray’s ANATOMY
  • Langman’s textbook of Embryology
  • AKD’s textbook of Human anatomy
  • BDC’s textbook of Human anatomy
  • Guyton’s textbook of Physiology
  • Ganong’s textbook of Physiology
  • ABSM’s textbook of Physiology
  • Harper’s textbook of Biochemistry
  • Lippincott’s textbook of Biochemistry
  • Vasudebon’s textbook of Biochemistry
  • Wikipedia.org

At last but not the least, we salute the effort of Wikipedia to create a world, where knowledge will be free. Wikipedia will ever be a great inspiration for all of us for creating such a website with a revolutionary idea.

All the contents of the website are under CREATIVE COMMON LICECES and copyrighted and subjected to redistribution, copying or editing. Any attempt to use the contents of the website in any illegal means will be subjected to punishment of the accused according to international law of COPYRIGHT.

We have also announced our new Facebook page. Start getting updated of the new posts of this blog. Like our page. Click on: www.facebook.com/PgblasterIndia

After the end of about 1 year, we have planned to extend our database. It will contain the questions regarding the 2nd professional MBBS syllabus and as usual, answers and illustrative explanations.

We have also initiated the process of making some useful notes on the important topics of the subjects of MBBS syllabus. The number of these helpful documents are increasing day by day. It will definitely help you in the preparations, we think.

Thank you all once again and have a happy journey to the world of free knowledge.

  1. Agnibho says:

    You are doing a great job out here…

  2. abir says:

    and u should be happy to know that ur page is easily renderd easily on a mobile browser.just the way u wanted

  3. Gour sundar says:

    I m vry much greatfull 2 d admin 4 such a hard work.i think such a helpfull hand would serve all of us.it is vry helpfull indeed.get going…..

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